The Story

The Story

It started with you and a passion for innovation

After 20 years of exploring and uncovering groundbreaking ideas, while also completing an executive MBA, Elena felt compelled to share her wealth of knowledge in today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world.

In 2019, she took the leap and launched 2*Spark to empower others with the insights she had gathered.

“Innovation should be experienced not just pronounced.”

Innovation culture is incredibly difficult to implement even when there is an awareness about its necessity to stay competitive.

According to Elena, Human-Centered Design Thinking is like a Swiss knife for innovation. It fosters an authentic open mindset by combining proven methodologies for cross-functional teams.

With an innovation culture spark the world


your success

At 2*Spark, we are dedicated to supporting passionate and discerning professionals in their pursuit of innovation.

Our phy•gital mentoring service combines the essential elements of technical expertise, soft skills, and business strategy to ensure that innovation is integrated seamlessly from the outset.

Knowing innovation technics is not enough, our offering states that soft skills (i.e: Communication, empathy), and business strategy should be integrated from the beginning of a project.

Furthermore, innovation involves a progressive learning curve, which needs to be supported with a flexible, convenient follow-up.

our vision

2*Spark aims to inspire and empower individuals within organizations by fostering a sustainable innovation culture. We prioritize creativity, inclusivity, and adaptability to drive meaningful growth and change. Our commitment to continuous evolution ensures relevance in an ever-changing world, nurturing each team member’s potential to create impactful solutions.

They trust us

Each industry has imperatives that balance the development of disruptive technologies, trends, and profitability differently.

However, when the competition is fierce, an authentic focus on the customer’s needs, product-service satisfaction, and desirability are the real disruptive and winning strategy.

In that respect, the luxury industry is very interesting, because satisfaction and desirability are at the heart of its business. Authenticity, singularity, know-how, quality, and history are the sources of the strong, credible, and memorable identity of these prestigious companies.

Today, we share with you these 20 years of experience in the Swiss luxury industry, a symbol of quality, rigor, emotion, and sustainability.

Logo Prix de la montre design 2008


By focusing on your strengths and identifying new opportunities, your company can rise above the competition. When your exceptional performance is recognized, it fills you with a sense of pride, just like Elena Brioschi experienced when the C1 Gravity watch won the prestigious “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève” as “Best design of the year 2008.”

Great Innovation happens,

when we make it together

To understand and assess changes

How changes will impact you and to what extent.

To be a step ahead

By being proactive, you can differentiate your solutions both radically and faster.

To discover Opportunities

Not only will it open new markets but also it will empower your team (to project in the future,  commitment, co-creation,  gain in confidence,...)


Together, you are stronger

Nowadays, partnership (privat & public), project build with cross-functional team, and co-creation with top and down people are the winning solutions.