We spark Innovation Culture by creating chain reactions

∗ Innovation Culture
∗ Business Model Innovation
∗ Product & Service Innovation
∗ Process Innovation
∗ Social Innovation

We spark Innovation Culture by creating chain reactions

Why there is a need to spark chain reactions


Changes happen. It will help you to be prepared to innovate.

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When an action sparks X initiatives, it saves energy, time & money.


It will help you to become an ambidextrous organization by using exploration and exploitation techniques to be successful.

Think Big.

Start Small.

Iterate to grow.

Learn to win.

How Chain reactions Spark

Whatever your innovation project is, we help you to create cross-functional team and:

  • To connect your project to your organization vision
  • To explore opportunities
  • To discover your customer needs (desired, unmet and latent).
  • To quickly test ideas with rough prototypes internally and externally
  • To analyze feedbacks to improve, pivot or give up the project
  • To iterate until the desired level
  • To implement projects
  • And then to share the learning within your organization.

This project cycle fosters commitment, collaboration, cohesion and flexibility.

What we solve

Your company, your teams, and your innovation challenges are unique.

In an unpredictable and fast-paced business environment, a culture of innovation may be necessary to evolve rapidly to sustainably succeed.

No matter your organization’s size, when innovation is at the periphery of standard processes, it has a good chance to fail. That’s why, Innovation should be everyone’s job, looking for insights, bringing ideas, ready to help drive initiatives.

Even if Unknows are different, we use a common equation to spark different types of innovation. And just to name a few  Product & Service, Process, and Business model.

Moreover, we like to use Human Centered Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, and Blue Ocean…

Innovation Culture

We provide Phy⋅Gital services

Seamless flow and synergy between the physical and the digital world

Our goal is to serve you with the most relevant, convenient and personalized experience. We can meet in the physical world as well as Online.

Digital Tools

To ensure a perfect flow between different meetings we have a customer portal for you (booking & meeting slot management, messages, emails, document sharing…).  What is more, we have a set of user-friendly (easy and convenient) tools that really help for innovation.


Online services

Talk Online

physical world services

Meet On-Site

To understand and assess changes

How changes will impact you and to what extent.

To be a step ahead

By being proactive, you can differentiate your solutions both radically and faster.

To discover Opportunities

Not only will it open new markets but also it will empower your team (to project in the future,  commitment, co-creation,  gain in confidence,...)


Together, you are stronger

Nowadays, partnership (privat & public), project build with cross-functional team, and co-creation with top and down people are the winning solutions.